Bernadette v d Braak


As a designer I try to create personal statements that are based on my independent and open character and the joy that I find in my work. With B-made I focus on the design of tappestries, graphic patterns and jewelry which find their basis in my fascination for meticulous crafts and patterns.

The designs I create start from drawings of organically originating abstract patterns that I enjoy making with devotion and concentration. I translate these patterns into other materials to design jewelry, carpets and textile patterns using skilled handicrafts. This method results in outspoken designs with my personal style and touch, produced by skillful hands with natural materials.

My style of work has started to develop at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht, where I graduated with a bachelor degree in textile design in 2009. But it was leaving this school behind and starting my company, B-Made, that really triggered the development of my own signature in my work.

Nepal and me

I first visited Nepal during my internship in 2008 and it has played a central role in the development of my work on several levels. The openness and the beauty of the country have inspired me to follow my heart and develop my own self-opinionated style of design.

The skillful and artisan production techniques and natural materials that I encountered in Nepal continuously inspire me with new ideas to transform my abstract patterns and drawings into products like jewelry and carpets. Most of my products are being produced in Nepal, supporting the lives of skillful craftspeople.